D E A R   V I S I O N A R I E S 

I share a collective dream.

A dream to create a community of change-makers, entrepreneurs, social justice speakers, innovators, and thought leaders. 

I have a dream to create beta cities where we can implement practices that will change the storyline of how we live our lives. 

By what systems we choose to live in. 

By what conditioning we choose to allow.

By what sustainable standards we collectively choose to live by.

But, before I go off and build these sustainable cities of the future--

I need your help! 

I can't do this alone. 

I can't produce this collective dream alone. 

I need you. 

To create a community first, 

To test our practices within our own homes, and immediate communities before

launching Itopia. 

We are a movement that is for the people & planet. 

Let's begin together and co-create this dream.

To create the dream world for our generation and generations to come.

Kirti Kana

Visionary & Founder of Conscious Culture & Itopia Project


We're looking for visionaries, conscious entrepreneurs, health & wellness leaders, thought leaders, & individuals who are reading movements for the betterment of humanity & our planet.

Want to collaborate, connect, ask further questions?

drop us a line: